Ptg offers a great variety for your business and personal needs. Choose from the 4 passenger seat basic cabs to a 11 seater van, a 42 seater bus,uLtra-smart executive Mercedes Benz or a private airline charter,
We are your best solution for business travel

Corporate Transport

Corporate Transport offers you the freedom to book up to 3 months in advance so you never get to miss any of your rides. From a standard 4 -seater cab to an executive Mercedes Benz car PTG has everything for you.

With an outstanding 10 minutes arrival time we make sure you don’t miss your next big meeting.


PTG takes business travel seriously giving you the best services we can offer. And because we know your business may require moving more of your employees and still saving on cost, we knew PTG had to offer a solution.

With everything from minivans through to large buses, our partners provide
solutions to all kinds of group travel, all the while following our strict code of
conduct and meticulous attention to service.


We offer airport services that suit your business needs, from airport transfers to even private airline charter.

Pre-book up to three months in advance or get in touch on the day – we know that catching your flight is a non-negotiable, so you can count on us to get you to the gate with time to spare.


Even if your event runs like clockwork, it can all fall to pieces if your travel
arrangements don’t. As PTG travel we’re ready to meet the demands of your special occasion – no matter the size. In fact, order anything over 15 cars at once and we’ll immediately assign you a dedicated Event Transport Planner.